Thursday, 28 April 2016

Today I gave £1,000 to charity

Last month I was given £1,000 by my bosses. Not a bonus, but a gift for others. And it was my decision on who to give it to.

Today Open gave £60,000 to UK charities. To mark this moment, we took the afternoon to share with each other who we’d each donated to and why. 

It’s never an easy decision but these are the charities who I chose to give to:

1)      Save the Children

Save the Children do incredible work, all year round and all across the world.

I’ve recently spent time with journalists and have asked them why only certain global events are reported in our media. How can it be in a digital and globalised world most of us are oblivious to the fact that 16,000 children die each day, many from causes that could be prevented? I’m not convinced by their response, but perhaps it’s a reflection of our joint responsibility.

I admire Save the Children’s dedication to all children, regardless of the front pages that day.

2)      CND

In February this year I joined the thousands of people who took to London’s streets to protest against the renewal of Trident.

What struck me that day were the number of people (and particularly women) in the crowds who were old enough to be my grandparent. I imagine they were at Greenham Common in 1982. And to this day their dedication and belief in a cause hasn’t wavered.

We need more charities like CND who will speak up, organise, lead a movement and make real difference with their campaigning. Without them I fear our individual voices are lost in the noise.

3)      Cats Protection 

This is Bramble

Our family took Bramble into our home when I had just turned 13. Last year we said our last good byes. Although a cat described as having ‘zero pet value’, I loved him. So this final donation is in memory of him.


  1. Great post Fiona, and a fab idea from Open.

  2. Great post Fiona, and a fab idea from Open.