About me

April 2016:

I'm Fiona. I tend to avoid labels but I'm a Millennial. I read a brilliant quote recently that said all Millennials want to do some good but are agnostic about how they do it. Hence this blog.

I've worked in the UK fundraising sector for ten years. Fundraising is an mind-blowingly powerful tool for creating change. But as I mature I'm opening myself up to the idea that it can be even stronger when combined with other actions. And it's that notion I want to explore here.

Currently Account Director at Open. I am privileged to work with, and meet, some incredible people from around the world who all believe there is a better option. The views here are my own but I thank them in advance for their inspiration and support.

I Tweet, I take photos. The style of both vary according to my state of mind/volume of gin consumed/hours of sleep.

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